Alter Ego
Kyoshi (full name unrevealed)
Team affiliations
Partner of Crossbow Cupid and Silver Siren, Member of S7
Notable aliases
Expert swordsman, athlete
A pair of Wakizashi
Main Event Winner, Olympian Arch Lord

Silent Samurai is a vigilante based in Looking Glass. He was created by Soberguy in January of 2005.

OOC HistoryEdit

Silent Samurai was created as part of a trilogy of characters who would operate as a team in the fictional city of Looking Glass. After winning the Main Event, the three were slated to star in the follow-up to ASYLUM, and then anchor an updated Day Shift team, but the project stalled before it began. This team, however, morphed into another idea which would have the characters form their own continuity as members of the team, S7, currently being written.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit


Very little is known about the man now called Silent Samurai. He was found in Looking Glass by Silver Siren, being beaten nearly to death by a 7-foot samurai named Hachigoro. Saved by her timely intervention, Samurai was brought to the home of Crossbow Cupid to recover, after which he joined them in their crimefighting operations.

Silent Samurai is mute, though whether this is a condition or a choice is not clear. His name, Kyoshi, is only known because that is how he was referred to by Hachigoro. Other details of his background are shrouded in mystery, but he has proven himself a loyal ally.

S7 ContinuityEdit

In the S7 continuity, there is still very little known about the Silent Samurai. He works in tandem with Silver Siren, whom he met in much the same way as the original origin. He chooses not to ally himself with the Sentinels without Silver Siren, but would likely not be accepted without revealing his past and identity.

He works part time as a fish-monger.

He is unable to speak due to physical damage to his throat, and bears a long horizontal scar across the front of his neck.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Silent Samurai possesses no superhuman abilities. He is an expert swordsman and quite proficient with the use of a bow, though he generally does not use this skill out of respect for Crossbow Cupid. He is a skilled acrobat and hand-to-hand combatant as well.


The Silent Samurai's primary weapons are the dual wakizashi - unusual for a true samurai, who generally wields a katana, with the wakizashi being a secondary weapon. He wears a light armour which offers some degree of protection without hindering his movements. He has also occasionally used a hankyu, or short bow.

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