Various FPL tropes organized into an inane quasi-game

What is a Trope?Edit

If you have no idea what a trope is, may I suggest first clicking here to visit the homepage of the TV tropes wiki. Simply put, a trope is a recurring theme, element or if you want to put it bluntly, cliché that can be found in various fictional media. (Movies, video games, comic books, anime, literature, etc.) In essence, you can say a trope is a good cliché.

FPL TropesEdit

Given the long time the FPL has been online, and the thousands of characters and scores of fics written, it is natural that the FPL now has a wide array of tropes. The FPL provides examples of the following...

  • Anti Hero: Mr. Hero; though most of the characters belonging to the Reavers (formerly Maniacal Heroes) easily fall under this trope as well.
  • Big Bad: As far as Big Bads go, Quietus is probably the FPL's ur example. Other notable Big Bads in the Khazan IC continuity include Mr. Graves and Drekis.
  • Broken Bird: There've probably been quite a number of broken birds, but if I had to pick one that stands out, then it'd be Mikoto.
  • Canon Immigrant: Prior to the FPL, a number of creators were involved in online role-playing or doing webcomics, and some of the characters were adapted into the FPL. Among them include characters from an old RP known as Battle Master High. (Toc Darkone, Kyoko Nagami, Seryph Gibbons, Ravenna Cervantes are just some of the Battle Master High characters who were inducted into the FPL).
  • Continuity Snarl: Server move aside, this is also one of the primary reasons IC-wise regarding a continuity reboot for the FPL.
  • Defector From Decadence: Myrna Rae; from her character sheet we learned that she hails from a family of powerful espers who were also known for being ruthless and manipulative, but apparently she has no stomach for their domineering ways.
  • And for an IC-only example, Gryphmet in Robotech Master's The War of Drekis
  • And boy, the Horsemen Of The Apocalypse in Darth Maxx's Apocalypse, too - they are not forgotten.
  • Well, it seems that pretty much any character who's a Big Bad in IC fics are implacable, often requiring entire mobs of heroes ganging up on them, serious usage of Applied Phlebotinum and self-sacrificing tactics to bring down.
  • My Kung Fu Is Stronger Than Yours: One of the deciding factors behind a character in the FPL getting votes, but amidst the more seasoned players this style of voting is generally frowned upon.
  • Shout Out: Sentinel Core and Omega Dark give a nod to Transformers. Apparently, in the early days in the FPL, shout-outs were all the rage, with examples such as...
  • Saiyan Chick Tomata(Dragonball Z), SonicHuntress(Macross/Robotech) and Star Wars Junkie(Star Wars, duh), just to name a few. While most turned out rather campy, there have been some pretty well-done ones such as The UV Light Warriors.
  • On an OOC note, a shout out to the X-files exists within the FPL community, what with wild theories involving FPL 'vets being the Powers That Be, pulling the strings behind everything such as fight results, hatching conspiracies and what have we.
  • Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism: FPL characters as a whole have definitely covered the entire spectrum; although it is not unusual for individual creators' styles to lean towards one end of the scale or another.
  • Wangst: Eclipse. What else screams angst more than a suicide-inducing spirit? As for more Wangst-filled FPL characters... should we even go this far?


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